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with Suzanna Hamilton

Expect the Unexpected: A Deep Dive with Entrepreneurial Creators
Go behind the scenes; between the lines of text; and before the cameras to meet the most influential, inspiring, interesting, and intelligent people working in the businesses of design and homes today. Suzanna Hamilton is a business strategist and marketing expert in the shelter industry; a former Editor-in-Chief; and an entrepreneur in antiques, the arts, and interior design. Join Suzanna and her friends – titans in the businesses of design and homes today.
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INTRODUCTION       |       SUZANNA HAMILTON       |       “Expect the Unexpected”

Suzanna has spent over 25 years in the businesses of design and home. Whether as an entrepreneur; a creative director; a business and marketing strategist; or an Editor, Suzanna has been involved in all facets of architecture, interior design, landscape design, antiques and the arts, and entertaining. Join Suzanna as she takes you behind the scenes to meet the most influential, inspiring, and interesting people working in the business today.

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SEASON 1 EP. 1       |       DARLA WORDEN       |       “Scaling New Heights”

From the Tetons to the Rockies to the Eiffel Tower, Editor Darla Worden continues to literally, figuratively, and creatively scale new peaks with ease and grace while imparting enormous wisdom, exceptional insight, and dazzling talent along the way.

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SEASON 1 EP. 2       |       LYNN TERRY       |       “Shifting Gears”

Julia Roberts may have starred in the film “Steel Magnolias,” but Editor Lynn Terry is the steel magnolia of the home industry. Brilliant and tough while exceedingly gracious and kind, Lynn Terry parlayed her MBA to become one of the most important people in shelter publishing.

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SEASON 1 EP. 3       |       ANDREW COGAR, AIA       |       “Historic Views to the Future”

The nationally renowned, award-winning firm of Historical Concepts was founded on the principles of classical architecture and historical precedent. Today the firm, led by President Andrew Cogar, remains true to American and architectural history while designing high-end custom homes and multi-acre estates while concurrently creating master plans for historically-inspired new communities, commercial endeavors, and civic projects.

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SEASON 1 EP. 4       |       C. BRANDON INGRAM, AIA       |       “A Classical Niche Market”

Award-winning architect C. Brandon Ingram is revered for his bespoke, luxury homes based on classical design principles, irrespective of geographical location, size, or architectural period. With extraordinary attention to every detail combined with an artist’s ability to render his creations, C. Brandon Ingram is a modern-day classicist.

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SEASON 1 EP. 5       |       ROBERT PETERSON       |       “Through the Lens of Relationships”

Nationally acclaimed interiors photographer Robert Peterson climbed the ladder of success through his innate talents as a photographer; his savvy entrepreneurial skills; and his authenticity that shines through every conversation and relationship.

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SEASON 1 EP. 6       |       WILLIAM PEACE       |       “Authentic and Artful Interiors with William Peace”

When the understated tenacity of a cowboy meets the subtle savoir faire of an urban executive, and it’s all bundled into one brilliantly creative mind, the result is nationally renowned and award-winning interior designer William Peace. From the wild American west to sophisticated shores, Bill creates luxurious interiors for custom homes and bespoke hospitality projects. 

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